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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hey ! Say! Jump Members

There are many people asking me why i love this group... and they absolutely not my country singer... Why must support other country artist not my country artist?....U know my answer? .....'who care i'm just love it'...hhaha.... Before this, I just like korea song based on my korean drama. Japanese song ? may be one...utada hikaru.. or doraemon...hihi

I love korean drama but really bored after that....there are almost sad sad sad story and i change my habit to watch japanese drama...started with gokusen...i found japanese drama more spirit and funny...i love their language and very easy to learn....i got story Tantei Gakuen Q from my member and that story very awesome... very like person which play as Amakusa Ryuu in this drama...very cool....and after a month... i found one drama which name Scrap Teacher...The person play as takasugi in this drama is the one who played as Amakusa Ryuu in tantei.... The soundtrack of scrap teacher drama very awesome and i searching who sing this song..... I found who play as Takasugi n Amakusa Ryuu sing this song with his group Hey Say Jump.....and he is Yamada Ryosuke... I love this group song and everyone in this group most talented....I will support Hey Say Jump forever especially my cute artist Yamada Ryosuke

There are my favorite group singer, Hey! Say! Jump

Yamada Ryosuke
He is most talented in acting, dancing and singing. All the song in this group, mostly lead by yamada. Support always yamada!!! Right now join NYC Boys for temporary units Volleyball Support with his junior.

Yuri Chinen
He has good voice since he child. Right know his voice change but still love his voice. He can make back flip. Same Yamada, Chinen also join NYC Boys for temporary units Volleyball Support with his junior.

Kota Yabu
He also talented singer and the oldest in this group. Yabu acting as a nice brother and always lead, love to care members of this group

Kei Inoo
He is mostly quiet person in this group. Close with Daiki and always be cool person.

Takaki Yuya
He acting in Gokusen 3 as lead role. His mind more child than his age and that's why he always sulk...hihi

Hikaru Yaotome
He is the funniest members and always happy go lucky

Daiki Arioka
He always be a cute person and smart boy. His laugh always make me crazy to hear that. Kawaii ne!!

Morimoto Ryutaro
He is the youngest in this group. He mostly talent in dance and have great young brothers, shintaro. He is bully person and enemy to Yamada. But he always win when he fight with Yamada.

Yuto Nakajima
e also talented singer and dancing in this group. He is talkactive and can dancing moonwalk dance. He is Michael Jackson in Hey! Say! Jump.

Keito Okamoto
He is mostly quiet person in this group. He is a great guitarist and kind person.