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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Minna, ohayou gozaimasu!!!... o-genki desu ka???..... Ikaga desu ka?? Arashi's new single, Mada minu sekai e, miru desu ka? Sugoiii ne... Arashi wa hountoni sugoiii!!!... mochiron my ichiban Aiba Masaki ... cho kawaiii ...
HHAHAH... ok I wanna talk about my future car... yeahh as you know I'm working almost 3 years but I didn't have any car.. because of that... Just check out my list:-

1- Toyota Vios - my choices maybe

2nd Proton Gen2

3. Proton Saga BLM

4. Honda City - cool but really expensive

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Learning English

Right now I'm learning english and japanese...

Firstly, ENGLISH !!.. yeahh i can read and understand any english noted but if i write any sentences grammar really bad..totally bad.. I'm from Malaysia and live with Malay speaking environment. Although, I started learning english since 8 years old until university. I still can't talk english... Maybe I hate that..Subject English... hhaha maybe...

But as you know too... English Language is really important... we can chat with others country using English.. even my university use English as their main language. But for me... English is important when I know about Johnny's Entertainment... yeahh of course yamada ryosuke from Hey say Jump .. the first group introduced me about JE... Because of that I need to learn English, get info about them, chat with JE's fan (around the world) .. and also for my entries at livejournal... because of that I'm learning English... start from a to z... I'll work hard and do my best...

So.. if my post/entry/ livejournal/blog/status facebook /twitter ... have bad grammar or spelling... PLEASE DO NOT BASHING ME WITH YOUR WORD something like " hey, your grammar is really bad " or " Study English first before blogging" ..... If you want do that or just to correct my grammar... please include your correction sentences for me... for example if I write " I HAS a book" ... so you can correct me with your work like that " sorry ... you can't use 'has' to describe you.. because 'has' is singular and not plural.. so u need to use 'have'.. so the correct is " I have a book"... " .... is it simple, right? so that I can learn about that.. and everyone who read my entry also can learn it good, right?..