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Monday, December 14, 2009

Really Love Arashi


I love all johnny artist...they really cool and handsome...hihi...since hey say jump just doing the concert and not release any single for this year, my eyes right now focus at their senpai, ARASHI...the Storm..... Arashi have 5 members and all of them older than me. After watch Ryusei no Kizuna, acting by Ninomiya kazunari, i got their talent in sing, dancing, acting, host and comedy... They are really nature in their concert.

ninomiya kazunari, 17 June 1983

One of this member that i love the most is...nino... He is a japanese idol, singer, songwriter, award-winning actor, television personality and radio host. Ninomiya, honto ni daisuki!!!.... He really love all the members especially Ohno-chan, their leader. He love playing game and be the supporter artist for WII Mario's game.

Ohno Satoshi, 26 nov 1980, with Yuri Chinen (hsj member)

Ohno-chan or riida is japanese idol, singer, actor, television personality, artist, and radio host. He is best known as a dance leader of Arashi after winning against sho sakura in rock-paper-scissors. He really love ninomiya and really cool in his acting Maou, the best drama 2008.

Sho Sakurai, 25 Jan 1982

Sho-kun is a japanese idol, singer, rapper, television personality, newscaster, actor and former radio host. He also have a talent in songwriter. Sho-kun close with ninomiya since both always acting in same drama.

Masaki Aiba, 24 Dec 1982

Aiba-chan is really cute and always fight with ninomiya. He is a japanese idol, actor, singer, dancer, television personality and radio host. He really cheerful and fun...

Matsumoto Jun, 30 August 1983

MatsuJun is a japanese idol, singer,actor, television personality and radio host. He really cool in his group. He is best known wild dancer. He show his talent acting in Hana Yori Dango. He really close with Ohno-chan until ninomiya got jealous...